We're a group of young people raising funds to support democracy.
Help us to Sparkle the World.

SparkleVote was set up with the aim of donating funds to countries around the world to support free elections and democratic processes - often in some of the smallest countries in the world.

10% of our profits are donated to promote democracy - so your vote really can change the world!

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Every time you use SparkleVote, we donate 10% of the profits to Sparkle The World.

Democracy is important - but it can also be expensive. Some of the smallest countries in the world wish to run free and fair elections, but the costs can be prohibitive. SparkleTheWorld provides grants that directly support the running of free and fair elections - such as independent observers to ensure counting is correct, or even buying pens so that people can fill in ballot papers at the polling stations.

SparkleTheWorld is all about making democracy accessible to everyone.

Every voting event you run
directly supports a cause

We seek out opportunities to help

We liaise with electoral commissioners and organisations worldwide to identify opportunities to support democracy.

You run your SparkleVote event

All you have to do is run your voting event with SparkleVote as usual. We'll allocate some of the proceeds to help SparkleTheWorld!

We'll choose a cause for your event

When you start your voting event, we pick a cause for your event and let you know exactly where and how you're helping.

We'll donate on your behalf

Several times per year, we'll pay out 10% of the profit from your event to the cause that you're supporting. It's that easy!

SparkleTheWorld is governed by clear principles

“The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret vote or by equivalent free voting procedures.”

- Universal Declaration of Human Rights (article 21[3]), United Nations

Democracy is important. It is a major enabler to development within countries, ensuring that there is proper oversight by the people over elected officials. This is critical to ensuring that the choices made in relation to the allocation of resources for infrastructure spending and with respect of social development, reflects the true will of society.

We're very selective with our grants to ensure that we only support causes which truly support democracy around the world. Specifically, we look to grant funds that are directly related to the running of elections or associated government causes.

The SparkleTheWorld principles guide our decisions on endorsing causes. To qualify for a grant, a country must be striving towards these principles. Here they are:

Government elected by the people/

The government is run by the group that wins the majority of votes or seats, based on fair elections.

Regular and fair elections/

Elections are run on a regular basis and are administered independently without government influence.

Maximum participation in elections/

Universal suffrage allows most people to vote or be a candidate so that everyone can participate.

/Voting at elections is secret

Voters are free to vote how they wish, without influence or anyone ever knowing how they individually voted.

/Voting results are verifiable

Elections are run fairly for all candidates, and results can be verified by independent parties.

/Election outcomes are accepted

Following an election, voting outcomes are accepted by the candidates (and government changes hands smoothly).


No. Never! SparkleTheWorld was set up to support the creating and operation of democratic instituions, such as the costs of running elections themselves. We will never donate directly to a political group or organisation that is seeking to drive a political agenda. We regularly look at the calendar of worldwide upcoming elections for opportunities to help out where we can.

As an example, SparkleTheWorld would happily support paying for the purchase of polling booths, pens, electoral eduction advertising that explains how voting works, or even independent electoral observers. We will never donate money, however, to a particular candidate or person. Donations are only made one the SparkleTheVote Committee signs off and is 100% certain that the funds are being used for appropriate purposes.

Our selection of "causes" that we donate to are governed by our principles listed higher up this page.

Want to apply for a SparkleVote election grant?

We'd love to hear from you!

If you work in the electoral office of a country that would like access to a SparkleTheWorld grant, or you are representing an organisation that supports democracy, we'd love to hear from you. You can contact our SparkleTheWorld team by completing the form below. One of our team will contact you as fast as we can.

Please note that we do not ever donate to political parties - only for electoral/democractic purposes.
Electoral education? Perfect. Political candidate ads? No way.