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Live meeting or voting by email?

Do you want to run voting during an actual meeting live, or do you want to issue voting papers out and give people time to complete them? SparkleVote lets you do both.

Live meeting - We'll issue a voting link to each voter. You'll open the meeting, and you can post multiple questions and get the results instantly. Great for AGMs or teleconferences.

Voting by Email - You'll create ballot papers and we'll open and close voting at the times you specify. Perfect for voting over a period of days or weeks.

If you want a Live Meeting, you can create this after you set up your account and log into your Dashboard. We'll advise the cost at that time. Just select 1 polling question below in the meantime.

If you want Voting by Email, answer the questions below. You'll see your Voting by Email event in your Dashboard when you log in.


How many people will vote in your poll?

Enter the number of voters in your poll or election.

Later on, you'll need to provide an email address for each voter so that we can send them a link to their ballot paper when the election starts.


How many separate poll questions are you voting on?

Enter the number of separate questions you want customers to vote on. For example, if you are having a vote for a President and a Secretary, the number would be 2. Your voters will have to answer each of these questions when they vote.

You can have up to three (3) questions at no additional cost. For more than 3, there is an additional charge per extra question (about US $1 each).


Almost there! Where's the election happening?

Please select your country from the drop down menu. We need to know where you are so that we tailor the experience for you!